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What is The Space? It’s a gathering of classmates in a circle to critique and discuss their writing. Expect to get great pointers, feedback and editorial advice.

What are Brain Wedgies? They are writing exercises that stimulate the mind. Students are encouraged to share with the class. Some wedgies are group exercises.

What is the faculty comprised of? Our instructors are either published authors or professional teachers with knowledge and expertise in each genre writing class.  Our faculty can be viewed on our site for in depth bio. 

What is your refund policy? You can request a refund or full credit 48 hours before class begins. 

Note: Full credit must be used within 365 days of canceling. Also the registration fee of $25 will not be refunded no matter if you choose to get your money back or store credit.  You can expect $395 in refund.

What if I want to cancel the course but attended 1 class? Students are entitled to a partial course store credit less registration fee. No monetary refunds after week 1. Must email 48 hours before class meets in week 2.

$420-$25-$39.50 = $355.50 in store credit. No refunds or store credit after week 2.

Will Slumdog Writers offer advanced classes? Yes we are going to begin offering advanced writing classes next spring in 2016. Subscribe to our newsletter or check back on our site to view the latest class schedule. 

Are there any private courses or one-on-one script doctoring services? Yes we offer editorial and private lessons. Check out our consulting packages on the home page.

Can I take the classes online? Slumdog will begin offering online classes. Subscribe to our blog and newsletter to be updated on course offerings. Online classes are scheduled to start in the summer of 2016.

What type of payment do you accept? Classes can be purchased online via PayPal or send a check along with the registration form to our office.

Is there parking nearby? Yes parking is available in the lot.

Where are you located? We are located on 540 Telfair Street in the 

How can I contact the office? Email or call 1-855-4-SLUMDOG (855-475-8636).

Any discounts if I take 2 classes? Yes students enrolled in more then one class receives a $50 discount.

Any discounts on returning students? Yes we waive the registration fee of $25.

Does Slumdog offer any cool contests? There are contests before each semester. Check the contest section on the home page. Students receive $200 off any class. Finalist receives recognition.

Can I purchase a gift certificate? Gift certificates can be purchased under classes on the home page. Payments can be made online, just include the student name and email address and we will email them their gift certificate or send a check to our office and we will mail a gift certificate via snail mail.

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