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Cool Ways To Promote your Manuscript Before Pitching

Fi, Fai, Fo, Fum,…We’re not in Kansas anymore,….I have a chance like everybody else,…Ah yes, we are not living in stone ages anymore, therefore let’s rock social media!!!

We are living in a world where we have more opportunities to expose our individualiy via online, so why not let our individuality shine? Today we can ether join a writers community or start our own community. Key here is you need to follow and have a following. Social Media is a great way to network. It provides a foundation for making connections and platform building. There are several ways to do that.

Join A Group Blog

Subscribe to a newsletter and be active on blogging using the blog of your choice. Not only do you learn new material, but at the bottom of your comment you can include your contact info, such as your name and Facebook page that has your writing info. Then when they click on it, they can be brought to your page and befriend you. Henceforth starting a readership following.

Ex. “Awesomeness read, friek%@* A” by Argentina Atkins at

Social Media Page

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, or the such, the key is to write a logline with a brief description of what your book is about, but don’t give away the ending! Just make it like the back cover of a book where there’s a brief bio, photo of you, and your pitch line. It will make others want to read more.

Soliciting Reviews

Think of all the books you’ve read and open that Amazon page or Barnes & Noble page and write a comment for slumdog’s sake,… Arrrrgggg grinding my teeth!

Again I beg to repeat, include your contact info that will spiral the reader back to your manuscript info page such as Facebook. Basically you’re creating a business funnel where you attract exposure and build a following.

Attend Workshops, Classes and Festivals

Nothing like staying in tune with your writing education. Great way to connect with others who share your interest in a genre of your choice. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from your peers as much as the instructors or speakers.


Hey, let’s talk about various writing topics? Heck, let’s broadcast it, after all, we have two ears. That’s right, with this fast paced minuscule attention spam lifestyle of ours, it’s easy to listen to information on the-go via headphones or just from your computer while clipping your toe nails or trimming your nose hairs. But that’s not all, the purpose is to inform others on a topic that may benefit them but also engages them to your brand, your book, and your authorship. It’s easy to upload on iTunes for free!

In short, all these ideas can create bridges of influence for yourself. By connecting with others, you can now present your manuscript to publishers or agents and show that you have already gone the extra mile to build a platform of potential buyers of your book. Understand this, publishers want to make their money back and demonstrating that you have a list of potential customers will make them want to invest in you versus the eager writer who submitted boldly thinking publishers will do all the marketing for them. Make their job easy and show that you can help them sell your book. They like that!

Who’s from the slums now, eghh? (wink)


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