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Attention all slumdogs! We offer a contest prior to each semester to stimulate your creative neurons and offer a prize. Let there be a small suitcase waiting in the slums where only one slumdog wins and the runner-up receives recognition. It’s that time…

Enter our quick and quirky writing contest! Entry is free. Must be original and unpublished works. We will post the winning entry at Contestants are evaluated by their authenticity, grammar, quality, and delivery!

Prize: $200 off your next class

Deadline: August 15, 2015

Contest: You’re in a bookstore browsing around, and the whisper of an author begins to spiral you. Who is the author? A dead or alive one?

Don’t you hate when that happens? fo shizzle! In 90 words or less, tell us about it, all POV’s are welcome. You can be witty, serious, contemporary, mysterious, scary…anything goes. No need to reveal the author, you can just describe him. Best of luck!

How to enter:

1. Upload your entry below. Include your name and how you may be reached. Add a brief bio that we can post. If you have trouble then feel free to send your entry directly to

Slumdog Contest

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