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Why Slumdog

Did you know publishing companies aren’t hiring one hit wonders anymore? They want sequels so you are expected to pitch 2 to 3 manuscripts simultaneously. Its not a starving artist market but a career with contracts. But it all starts with writing your first draft.

Many students have completed their manuscript and are pitching to publishing companies as we speak, while others who have perfected their craft are utilizing it in their everyday writing such as email communication. Others have returned to get started on their second manuscript and simply to get into a 10-week writing schedule.

Visit our home page and see a host of our classes and choose which one is right for you. Select from many genres and our professional instructors will guide you to write. This is not much of a lecture class setting with note taking but rather hands-on writing with direction and supervision from your peers and instructor. This is about getting students to write their own draft at a professional level. Students will have completed a synopsis and their first few chapters or full manuscripts, depending on the course.

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