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About Slumdog Writers

This is about unleashing the artist in you. Disappear into your soul and put it on paper. A quirky and upbeat fun educational facility, solid with deadlines and abundant lessons. Are you ready to go from inspiration to reality?

Slumdog Writers workshop offers writing courses. Our goal is to provide accessible, affordable instruction offering a variety of writing styles in a relaxed informal setting. Classes are convenient, affordable, locally and appeal to anyone who craves to write and be a part of something. So give me your tired, your hippies, bored housewives, mid life crises, elderly, groupies, retired, midwives, ex-wives,…etc.

We demand written chapters and students are required to read each other’s writing to learn from one another and receive constructive feedback and guidance with forward steps.

These are do-it-yourself courses with guidance by instructors and circle of classmates critiquing instead of teacher lecturing. There are lessons and lecturing but the structure is around the student putting together a written material at a professional level.

Students will learn how to write for their specific genre, rather then taking general writing classes or having to enroll in colleges for certificate programs when all they need is that one specific type of class genre. De-clutters the extras.

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